Valet Of The Dolls is proud to introduce our.... Guys & Dolls Division!

We took extraordinarily pleasing on the eye men and put them through our rigorous training program so they could fit the mold required for us to continue as the fastest, highest quality, most GORGEOUS valet company in America!

Hats off to the men who come to work with us, as, we continue to require participation the most stringent valet education program in the industry providing training in precision driving, hospitality and traffic direction.

While we continue to be the largest female valet company in America, AT YOUR REQUEST we can also provide you an all male team. Or co-ed!  And just as you can with our Dolls, you can dress up our Guys!

Traditional: White shirt, black bowtie
Traditional Edge: Black shirt, white tie





Polos and Pullovers; Black with white or red text