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Meticulous pre-planning of each event (includes consideration of neighbors and traffic flow)

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What separates us from the rest:

We are the only valet company with an Education Department; an extensive training program focusing on hospitality, traffic direction and precision driving. As a way to climb the companys seductive salary ladder, Dolls endure more than a dozen exams, some in the classroom, some behind the wheel.

Ten years ago as we prepared to open our doors, we knew the only way to truly elevate the quality service would be through on-going training so we created a curriculum. For the driving we immediately turned to officers of the California Highway Patrol who led us to P-VOC.

P-VOC; The Precision Vehicle Operating Course, LLC is a private driving school with a one of a kind curriculum designed specifically for valet operations. Through this course, our drivers work to master tools to attain at will, quarter inch precision, particularly in reverse motion.  Once a valet masters the P-VOC course, passing the exam with a high enough 'score', they are certified by P-VOC as a precision driver! It's an expensive part of our operation as a valet company but we're genuine when we say we provide the highest level of service in the industry.

Ultimately, our intention is to make you a repeat customer by selling you 'Peace of Mind'.