You guys were AMAZEBALLS!!!! I am so sorry to take so long to email you but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to have you work my party and you guys killed it.

I had a moment of panic and wanted to make sure I tipped enough?! I was pretty tipsy by the end of the night and please be honest if you think I undertipped. I was so happy with your service and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs great valet service. You guys went above and beyond.


Much love! Bianca
(Encino 6-15-13)



Just got a call from our guest of honor Saturday night. He waned to thank us again for hosting AND he couldn't say enough about Valet Of The Dolls! Your team was fabulous!
Impeccable service from beginning to end!
Thank you so much and we'll be in touch soon for our next event!
Marsha Hayes MD

Once again your team
did an amazing job. Just beyond amazing the
best ever.

Thank you!
Gray Hudkins 12-17-12
Hi Gillian,

The ladies did a fantastic job!  Very professional and hard working and, of course, adorable in their Santa hats and reindeer antlers.  Kat kept things well in hand and alerted me immediately when one of the guests tripped on my walkway (turns out my she was fine other than some bumps and bruises, but I would never have known to check in with her the next day if Kat had not informed me).  Kat also discussed contingency plans for guests who've had too much to drink -- thankfully we didn't need those, but I appreciated the thought and her professional approach.  Thank you so much.

Sheila B


Hello Gillian,
Your girls were great ...much
appreciated and I will
use them again.!
All the best
Peter Bergman  2-11-12
Hello 'Charlie',
I was at the LCA event in Malibu on Sat night...
Your 'Dolls' were wonderful, kind & professional. They even took extremely good care of my dog, who had to remain in my car.
Thank you...
Sam Gerard
Pres & CEO
The Ultimate Life


'Dear Charlie'!

I want to applaud you and your staff for the impeccable service at the First Lady's Luncheon on Monday. One expects to wait when there are so many people in attendance but you brought my car back so quickly, I had to cut my conversation short! Excellent service!  Thank you and congratulations,
Lisa M
June 15, 2011

Valet Of The Dolls/6-13-11/Luncheon for Michelle Obama! (Facebook link)

or you can see the photos on our scrapbook page